Envisioning – Caring – CONNECTING – Act

Aspects of Connecting are usually at work even before the Envisioning process begins. Participation, exposure to new positions, assumptions and hierarchies, seeing something with fresh eyes–these are all qualities of a Connecting state of mind.

As the third phase of this process, Connecting builds on network theory to find and mobilize resources, opportunities, people and communities. We are just beginning to comprehend the potential that exists in the burgeoning social networks that are continually expanding in every direction.

Increasingly the explorations into Connecting are leading to unexpected synchronicities and deep commonalities. While many only use their networks to search for jobs, the real opportunities far exceed that rudimentary task. As more people come to see what Connecting can be, the potential will explode exponentially.

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Image: The multidimensional levels of life (under the water, on the surface and above it) along the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake, Layton Utah

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