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Mountainous Region


You were expecting to find staff, board, history, and other typical About things?

That would be relevant, if looking at organizations, but what if you’re looking at networks?

Viewing Networks requires new frameworks

Expectations change >> unlike staff and boards, networks can’t be easily viewed on web pages

Network frameworks

A network as simple as your network on LinkedIn >> No way to visually present even 1,000 connections


Much less 20,000…

And your LinkedIn network is a career network -- Most people don’t design it to do work

Other than hiring when you’re in charge, and finding (a job) when your not.

So how would you visualize a "designed to do work Network?"

Green Gorge


Phase 1

Identify the outcomes, outputs, and destinations

Get visibility on early tasks to move forward

Identify the areas where visibility is lacking

Identify your network connected to leaders performing tasks >> creating these outcomes 

Identify networks that are likely designed to do additional needed work

Identify the networks that could connect you with those inaccessible networks

Visualize the combined networks >> Build network consortiums

Leaders and Nodes

Networks don’t have any staff they have leaders and nodes

How do leaders become Nodes — By creating powerful networks doing specific work

Networks doing relevant work well = more invites to join powerful networks

Mountain and Clear Lake

Commitment and Living

In organizations it’s all about that full time commitment and focus….

In networks it’s all about breadth and visibility —Can you see what others can’t?

People who see, don’t focus — they discover and map, innovate and aggregate, etc. 

Over time discovering — living as a network,

These leaders seldom go back to organizational life

And thank goodness they don’t, what they can do few others can

What they can see, few others see

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