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Bird Sat on Dry Branch with clear sky

"How the world really works"
- Scale understanding for every citizen

Every planetary citizen understands scale better…

What Google can’t provide – A chance meeting did

Actually billions of chance meetings - with a global scale expert

Personalized training, unrequested (and unwanted)

Tutored us all

We talked scale regularly, for a while, every day

“We need hospital beds at scale” we said

Flaunting our expertise >> We need vaccines at scale, or…

Or what? Or the scale expert won’t go away!

We’ve got vaccines, hooray, oops no good

Unless they are jabbed At Scale!

Two jabs needed, well of course, that’s less scalable 

…says the armchair, or bedside, expert.

Fremont petroglyphs Sego Canyon

Finally a defintion:

At-Scale means at the level that solves the problem

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