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Industrial Smoke Landscape

At-Scale Foundations

- At the level that solves problems

All successful scale efforts...
  • Solve multiple problems coincidentally
  • Identify massive underutilized resources that could be applied
  • Build and utilize networks to access and apply those resources

How to solve At-Scale

– Who can see & map destinations?



A handful understood, what At-Scale looks like for Vaccines 

They selected 10% of possible solutions / Focus on fast results 

 Pummel 10% with $ Billions 

Get to the level that solves the pandemic problem - Get to At-Scale

Aerial View of Curved River


– Who can see At-Scale

At the level that solves the problem, Climate Crisis, for example

Climate experts a plenty, in fact so many…

They divided into teams: Renewables, Carbon Budget, Warming (land and oceans), etc.

So just ask the climate experts, what's the goal?

The goal, the destination, who can see At Scale?

Climate experts, please tell us the At Scale destinations?

Scale is the Mission 

- Key Questions



If At-Scale is the destination, what is the 10% multi-problem focus?

 When describing At-Scale – What are the underutilized resources?

 For climate change and renewables – What networks are working?

 What are the networks that can be salvaged versus built from scratch?

 What networks are structurally anti-scale?

 Must find the experts who can describe At-Scale

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