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Community Design

Energy Transitions and Industry

Our consortiums propose an actual scalable “gas as the transition fuel” set of models where none currently exist. These distributed models seek innovation around locating renewables in urban settings, increasing resiliency, and avoiding the 60 plus percent power loss via transmission.

One comprehensive solution which we are designing with Manufacture2030 enables their corporate and supply chain partners to collaborate with hundreds of communities to supply their energy demands. 

Like M2030s industry leading decarbonization platform many networks are building to innovate in sourcing clean energy. These community-industry collaborations when leveraged through Community Design At-Scale will result in highly impactful uptake of the federal funding in the IRA and Infrastructure Acts that will now directly benefit communities.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Instead of ignoring communities and hoping that Big Energy and Big Industry work it out, Community Design At Scale empowers corporate leaders and public-private leaders to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions. 

The deregulated energy production system, with “cowboy developers” secretly seeking the resources, only to end up in half-decade queues to get their projects connected to the grid, clearly does not scale.


Sixty per cent of power is wasted via the grid getting to industry.

Ask any project developer, the most important thing is an off-taker. With ReachScale any group of communities designing a project or series of projects is able to obtain critical power purchase agreements from the beginning.


Engaging industries and communities enables prioritization and impact now:


  • Wherever possible, connect renewables directly to the manufacturing location. 

  • Do industrial roofs and adjacent solar in a single pass.

  • Colocate direct-connection solar sites with business clusters.

  • Utilize the same sites as community solar where viable.

  • Finance larger solar installations with pre-arranged power purchase agreements from local plants and industry consumers.

Snow Covered Energy Farm

Design funds flow to create immediate emission-reducing capacity across the United States as rapidly as possible. Our consortiums include all critical pieces to move from idea to financeable energy capacity-building. 


No country has the level of political or citizen engagement to approach an effective energy transition—Community Design At-Scale is a specific, collaborative way for the United States to become the first.

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