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Wooden House in the Forest

Breakthrough Limits

The “find energy sources, extract or project enable the energy, and grid energy to customers” models, are very limiting. 

The existing infrastructure assumes that the energy source will be separate from the customer base and that multiple expensive grids will be necessary to supply it. 

The combined investment necessary for this model to operate, and the separation of source and use, makes for expensive and failure-prone systems that lack flexibility and are difficult to scale.

Our scale experts have looked carefully at this business model and ways that it could be disrupted across a number of dimensions:


  • Solve Multiple Problems: Combine most reliable base load grid with local solar  

  • Underutilized Resources: Each community as a developer and partner

  • Build and utilize networks to access and apply those resources

Calm Sea

ReachScale invested in building new business models where networks were the critical missing capability.

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