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Atlantic Ocean White Cliffs

Scale Destinations

Getting there is easier, we just need maps

Your location, now type the destination, click and you're mapped

Even collaborative mapping with the crowd throwing in

Now that we're armchair scale experts

We just need the destination, the Scale Destination

Oil derrick at sea

At Scale ideas?

More EVs, more charging stations means more electricity demand

More batteries, but materials are scarce

More climate expert’s advice, with conflicting destinations

Massive renewables needed in every country

And stop pumping fossil fuels

Politicians see winter coming, and keep pumping

Politicians set multiple unreachable goals, 

And keep pumping

Climate experts see problems everywhere, 

Scale examples almost nowhere, and keep pumping

Leaders encouraging, oscillating between that and desperation…

And keep pumping

No leader in their right mind imagines saying

Stop pumping…

All the IPCC experts together say–must stop pumping 

then they see winter, and go silent…

Can’t see renewables at scale, can’t stop pumping

Can’t scale up new tech faster than ever before

Can’t stop pumping

Starry night landscape Image by Lucas Ludwig

At Scale is the question and the answer…but scale experts missing

Drill down here, and begin to find the right questions:

What is the solar project unit of scale? What are the underutilized resources? 

How do you get off the “projects curves”, move to “scale curves”?

If natural gas is the transition fuel, where are the natural gas transition business models?

Seeing At Scale with ReachScale

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