ENVISIONING – Caring – Connecting – Act

Envisioning is the first step in a four phase process that changes the way good is grown. This step is about looking at resources, opportunities, challenges, processes and talent with a new set of eyes. “Unlearning” is the term used by Hamel and Prahalad in their influential book, Competing for the Future. Think of brainstorming with the edges of your social network; then invite your edges to invite their edges.

New eyes, unlearning and edgestorming often lead to a search party. Seek out people who are thought catalysts–the ones who can experiment instead of just plan, ask questions instead of just answer. Then search for underutilized resources, challenges that connect across sectors and ecosystems, networks with common action agendas or purposes, and create something with hybrid vigor.

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Image: View of the Indian Himalayas, over Ladakh

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