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Solar panels at sunset

Climate Crisis

The most existential challenge - When climate experts talk about solutions, what word appears in every other paragraph?

In Every Other Paragraph

'First, the spatial and temporal scale of the processes linking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to climate change is unprecedented in human experience, challenging our abilities to comprehend, let alone act.' 

- Nathan F. Sayre,

University of California-Berkeley

'The world needs companies to establish audacious goals for cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.'

- Speed and Scale


But rather than being universally accepted as a harbinger of doom, the IPCC’s reports serve as a wake-up call to take action. “Feasible, effective, and low-cost” solutions are already available, the panel says—but they’re not being implemented at the speed or scale that’s needed.'


Icebergs on the shoreline


Scale is everywhere. Scale is the word. 

Why is scale in every other paragraph?

Caring about solutions to climate crises means talking scale, doing scale...

DOING SCALE >> All the time, everywhere…

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