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Desert Sand Dune

Communities, Collaboration and Grand Bargains

Through its global scale network, ReachScale has identified technology, mechanisms, and processes that will enable hundreds of energy, tribal, and other disadvantaged communities to collaborate in designing their future energy systems. 

There are hundreds of thousands of collaborative projects every year, each in their own intellectual silos. The potential value across all of these efforts in even one state is unimaginable, much less an entire region or country.

Comprehensive efforts at stakeholder engagement were used as guides. President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development was established in 1993 to develop “bold, new approaches to achieve our economic, environmental, and equity goals."

Dry Desert Plants

Our global network sought out a scalable solution, for these Grand Bargain problems, that could work across hundreds of communities coincidentally, breaking down the geographical silos to  facilitate building, learning, scaling, and sharing innovative solutions to complex problems.

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