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Snow Capped Mountains

Community Design

Impossible or Scalable

The challenges of aiding informed community decision-making in communities of all sizes and assembling outcomes based on millions of citizens’ preferences makes scaled solutions across hundreds of communities appear to be virtually impossible. 

Impossible or Scalable?

What if these processes could be technology-enabled and customized for each problem set and corresponding incentives, programs and investments?


The theories of collaborative decision-making exist—Consensus facilitators use them regularly for each one-off process. Does the technology and funding exist to capture, compound, and scale for massive, complex challenges?

Mountainous Landscape

Scalable Collaboration, Capture and Compound Outcomes

ReachScale’s successful network search identified unique technology with a track record of success in supporting scalable collaborative design and decision-making. 


Recognizing the criticality, ReachScale licensed the technology to power these Community Design At-Scale collaborations and is repurposing it for climate and the energy transition.

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